Best Cheap Little size Microwave oven under $50 budget

Most people think it is not possible to buy microwaves under 50 dollar budget but it is not true. You won’t believe you even chance to buy an amazing kitchen appliance that allows you to make great food quickly and easily. With a microwave sale, you can easily and quickly cook or bake foods at home.

Everyone love to have the latest technology microwave like steam microwaves a mostly expensive but some of them are not but being in but we want to just it has for cooking. 

If you’re willing to buy a new or slightly used microwave oven with heat, then you’ll be happy to learn that this article is about microwave ovens under the $100 budget even though some can fit for 40$.

All Sugessted Product

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If you have a low budget and want a microwave you don’t believe will you be surprised to know that there are a lot of famous microwave brands that fit those under 50$? Yes, we’re talking about a microwave oven that’s perfectly functional, you don’t need to scare off its price and performance.

Best Pick Microwave oven

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B07GV36BLD” apilink=”” new-window=”true” addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” sc-id=”4″ img-sizes=”500:500″ imgs=”” link-imgs=”false” specs=”Stylish (black) stainless steel finish, compact size: 0.7 cubic-foot capacity, 700 watts and 11 power levels~~~Mute function, settings, clock, kitchen timer, child safety lock, easy auto-cook functions: Popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen veggie, beverage, reheat~~~One touch express cooking function with 1-6 minutes and plus30 seconds functions, and two defrost settings (by weight or by time)~~~Energy Saving Eco Mode: Minimizing 50% standby power by turning on ECO mode~~~Bright digital display, easy-to-read control panel, interior light and 10 inch glass turnta” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”0″ hide-button=”0″ width=”750″ banner=””]COMFEE EM720CPL[/amalinkspro]

COMFEE EM720CPL is the best choice according to our pick as this can fit in your but with all necessory functionality that best pick must have as being Countertop Microwave oven with the with Sound On/Off to turn off the noise of oven.

If you are new to microwave it has Easy One-Touch Buttons to easily cook different meals within 0.7cu.ft with just 700W. If you are not convinced you can even check our other best picks.

Top 7 Cheap Microwave ovens under $50 for Home and Offices

There are lots of microwaves that come under $50 but we collect the 7 best products that can full fill your kitchen requirements perfectly. Now you can easily buy a microwave oven under 30$ budget price and upgrade your kitchen appliances with the below microwaves.

You can say it’s pretty exciting to buy something at a very reasonable price. But the question is what do you look for in a microwave?

You don’t need anything special or huge to cook fast food items like popcorn, potatoes, fresh items, etc. In this article, we will present you with top affordable microwaves under $50 with features, pros & cons. So let’s take a look.

1. Mainstays Convection Oven – Best in Price

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B071VVNHM3″ apilink=”” new-window=”true” addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” sc-id=”12″ img-sizes=”500:500″ imgs=”” link-imgs=”false” specs=”Capacity 20 Liters ~~~Dimensions 11.5 x 19.5 x 15 inches~~~Energy Consumption 700 Watts~~~ Weight: 22 pounds~~~Capacity: 0.7 Cubic” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”0″ hide-button=”0″ width=”960″ banner=”Top Product”]Mainstays 700W Output Microwave Oven, Red[/amalinkspro]

Reasons to buy Affordable cheapest Microwave

This Mainstays 700W Compact small countertop Microwave Oven is one of the best microwaves ovens under $50; it is a great addition to any home. It has a 0.7 cubic foot capacity, which can accommodate up to 2 standard size dinner plates.

Its 10 power levels have been designed for optimal cooking performance and convenience, allowing you to prepare your favorite dishes from start to finish with just the touch of a button!

Each power level gives you 10% of the temperature power. The Mainstays 700W Output Microwave Oven features an easy-to-use electronic display that shows all of your microwave’s settings at once, making it easy. Time, Power, and the express cooking option are available in this oven you can easily.

LED The display gives you the opportunity to observe the kitchen timer function or clock from anywhere in the kitchen.

With a kitchen timer, you can set time for your favorite dish and cancel at any stage while you cooking just press the “STOP” button to stop or press it twice to cancel the cooking process.

To access the power cooking option you need to select the number from the pad and press the power option from the list your power cooking process will be started 1 means 10 % of power, and 5 means 50% of the power.

Six auto cooking or fast cooking prebuilt menu is available in this low-cost microwave you can easily cook Pizza, Popcorn, Potatoes, and more favorite dishes.

The door handle of this microwave is strong and beautifully designed. In dimension, the microwave is 19.5″ in length, 10.5″ in width, and 11.5 ″ in height.

All features that come in luxury, high price best microwaves are also available in this smart microwave oven.

2. BLACK DECKER – Best in Portability

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B00GGFHH4U” apilink=”” new-window=”true” addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” sc-id=”12″ img-sizes=”500:500″ imgs=”” link-imgs=”false” specs=”Ev The toaster oven interior is specially designed for even toasting of up to 4 slices of bread at a time.~~~Curved interior makes room for 9” pizzas and 4 slices of bread.~~~~~~30-Minute Timer – The timer includes precise toast settings and stay-on functionality.~~~Removable Crumb Tray ~~~Dimensions: 16.4 x 11.3 x 9.4 Inc” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”0″ hide-button=”0″ width=”960″ banner=”Best for Portability”]BLACK+DECKER Convection Oven[/amalinkspro]

Why Buy Black Decker Microwave

The unique mix of small design and convection heating technology produces quick and delicious results. The toaster oven’s interior is intended to accurately regulate airflow using thermodynamic principles, organically cooking food utilizing the four distinct settings (bake, broil, toast, and keep warm).

This toaster oven is ideal for quick cooking activities in any size kitchen, with a capacity for four pieces of bread or a 9″ pizza.

Brief Descriptions

This stylish toaster oven can be used both as a standalone appliance or with any countertop unit due to its compact size. The stainless-steel design makes it great for use in the kitchen, while its convection technology prevents hot spots.

A built-in handle allows for easy removal of the oven when not in use.

The brushed stainless-steel finish gives this toaster oven a modern look, while the illuminated control panel allows for simple operation. Use this toaster oven for convenient preparation of your favorite food in just minutes.

This toaster oven is equipped with Natural convection technology, that gives you a modern look to your cooking. With four basic function Broil, Toast, Keep Warm, and Bake this oven make your life easier.

In the size option, this oven can bake about 4 slices of bread or a 9” Pizza inside easily.

A Bake Pan and Rack Included are also included with this oven. This oven is not recommended for microwave ovens buyers because this is the only toaster oven.

3. Proctor Silex – Best in Size

Proctor Silex Small Microwave Oven

Proctor Silex microwave under 50


  • Capacity: 0.7 Cubic ft
  • Weight: 20.94 lbs
  • Wattage: 700 W
  • Install Type: Countertop
  • Child Lock: Available
  • Pre-Built Menu: 06
  • Dimension: 13.78″W, 10.3″H, 17.91″L

Why to buy Expensive while having Affordable Microwave

This small best microwave oven under 50 is best for people who don’t have enough room for a full-size microwave oven. The Proctor-Silex Microwave is 0.7 Cu ft Black Digital and the best in the best Microwave under 50, due to its design, performance, and durability. 

Its compact size makes it ideal for small kitchens or dorm rooms, yet it provides all of the conveniences of a larger microwave oven.

This microwave includes six convenient pre-set menu buttons that make preparing the most common dishes easy. It also features a wide variety of cooking functions including weight and time defrosts.

So you can cook just about anything. Plus, the digital display makes setting the timer and power level easy and convenient.

This appliance is everything you need in a microwave and more! The child safety lock is also available in this microwave to protect your family from an unusual accident. The human interface of this microwave is available with a touchpad.

With 700W of electric power, this compact microwave is also listed in low-wattage microwaves. You can easily control its power with ten different power levels.

These power levels provide 10% of the heat for one level. With six instant cooking buttons, you can cook your favorite food with just one click.

The Proctor Silex microwave products are famous for their low prices; you can easily buy them for under $50. The dimensions of this microwave are 17.56″ in length, 12.6″ in width, and 9.57″ in height.

The total weight of this Proctor Oven is 20.94 lbs. after buying this microwave you will get 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Brief Video:

4. COMFEE’ EM720CPL – Best Countertop For low Price

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B07GV36BLD” apilink=”” new-window=”true” addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” sc-id=”12″ img-sizes=”500:500″ imgs=”” link-imgs=”false” specs=”Compact size: 0.7 cubic-foot ~~~Mute function, settings~~~One touch express cooking function~~~Energy Saving Eco Mode~~~Bright digital display~~~ 700 watts and 11 power lev” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”0″ hide-button=”0″ width=”960″ banner=”Best in functionality “]COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB[/amalinkspro]

Product Review:

If you want to spend a few more bucks on the microwave, but don’t want to sacrifice on power or style, the Comfee GLCMKA07BER-07 is the perfect fit.

These retro countertop microwaves are sleek and stylish with their 9.6” glass turntable and silver accents, there are a lot of microwaves that come without a turntable.

It offers 700 watts of cooking power with 11 power levels so you can handle all reheating needs.

The GLCMKA07BER-07 also features 6 preprogrammed auto menus which make it easy to cook a variety of foods without having to measure out the perfect time and power settings.

You can control the function of this countertop microwave with a knob and button control.

This is one of the few microwaves that can be started or stop by voice command. This multi-function microwave oven has a digital clock that can be observed from anywhere in the kitchen, the digital time shows your cooking time so you can easily control it while cooking.

The multi-defrosting option is also available in these cheap ovens for cooking you can easily defrost your frozen vegetables, beverages, and other frozen food by time and weight.

COFFEE EM720CPL-PMB oven is an Energy-saving model, with echo mode the standby power consumption, reduce up to 50%. In dimension, this microwave oven is Compact size: 17.3” in width, 13” in-depth, and 10.2” in height. The total weight of this countertop microwave is 20.3 pounds.  

As you know that COMFEE is a trustful brand for small home appliances and the EM720CPL-PMB microwave oven is the best among them because its performance is not less than any modern microwave.

5. Galanz 0.7 – Best in heating Function

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B07QYXD5LQ” apilink=”” new-window=”true” addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” sc-id=”4″ img-sizes=”500:500″ imgs=”” link-imgs=”false” specs=”700W With 6 Variable Power Levels~~~Defrost & Led Display:~~~360°Rotating Evenly Heating~~~Interior Light & Child L” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”0″ hide-button=”0″ width=”750″ banner=”Best by Galang”]Galanz GLCMKA07BKR-07 [/amalinkspro]

Product Revision and Review

The delightful Retro design gives your modernized kitchen a look and style of the wonderful old days while still providing elegance and functionality. It’s a beautiful and amusing addition to any kitchen, living area, home office, or dorm room.

Galanz is one of the most famous home appliance brands for cooking power all over the US, especially for countertop microwave ovens.

The Galanz GLCMKA07RDR-07 is the cheapest microwave oven introduced by the manufacturer. This microwave cheap is with 0.7 cubic ft incapacity which makes it perfect for small families, offices, and outdoor uses.

This compact-size microwave is equipped with all modern features that are not normally present in cheap microwaves under 30 dollars budget.

The round digital clock + kitchen timer gives a stylish look to your kitchen and easy access to observe the cooking tasks. Modern high-quality technology ECHO system is installed in this oven to reduce your electric consumption in standby mode.

With interior light, you can check your dish without opening the oven door. The defrosting option is also available in this microwave oven both by time and size. With the consumption of 700W of electric power, this microwave is also a low-wattage microwave.

This microwave is available in red color but if you want to buy in other colors then the retro series of Galanz gives you some extra options.

Galanz GLCMKA07RDR-07 is a lightweight microwave; its weight is only 24.1 pounds. If you use an oven in a busy kitchen then this microwave is also equipped with a child lock which gives a safety option for your family. In dimensions, the Price of this microwave cheap has 71.8 inches in-depth, 13.75 inches in width, and 10.31 inches in height.

A 9.6” glass turntable is used in this microwave. With all these features this microwave is the best microwave under 50.

6. Mainstays 700W – Best for Design

[amalinkspro type=”showcase” asin=”B071VVNHM3″ apilink=”” new-window=”true” addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” sc-id=”4″ img-sizes=”500:500″ imgs=”” link-imgs=”false” specs=”700 wa” btn-color=”#ff9900″ btn-text=”Buy on Amazon” alignment=”alignnone” hide-prime=”0″ hide-image=”0″ hide-price=”0″ hide-button=”0″ width=”750″ banner=””]Mainstays 700W Output Microwave Oven, Red[/amalinkspro]

Product Revision and Review

The Mainstays 700W Output Microwave Oven is designed for convenience with a stylish red finish. The microwave has 1.6 cubic feet of space, 10 power levels, and 20-liter capacity to cook your favorite foods quickly and easily.

This microwave is excellent for general cooking purpose and is not recommend to use in hotels as it is not best for cooking too much.

If you’re looking for a microwave to suit your needs, the Mainstays 700W microwave might be a perfect fit. This high-powered device is just what you need to heat up some food or make some popcorn in the blink of an eye.


  • Low wattage required
  • 10 power levels
  • it has 1.6 cubic feet space.


  • Red color

7. Farberware Compact – Best by Brand

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Product Revision and Review

Farberware Compact Countertop Microwave Oven, 0.7 Cu. Ft. 700-Watt with LED Lighting, Child Lock, Easy Clean Grey Interior, Retro Black

Do you want to find a microwave oven that is small enough to be put on your countertop but still has a lot of power? With this Farberware Compact Countertop Microwave Oven.

The Farberware Compact Countertop Microwave Oven is an absolutely adorable way to quickly and easily prepare food. It comes in a retro black design with a child safety lock and easy clean grey interior.

You won’t have to worry about having enough power to cook your food because it has 700 watts of cooking power. You can also have peace of mind when it comes to safety because this microwave has a child lock and an easy clean interior.

With this microwave, you can cook your food quickly and have peace of mind by it auto cooking feature.


  • Easy to clean
  • Child lock
  • Beautiful grey interior
  • Countertop feature
  • One touch cooking


  • Expensive than 50$

What is the cheapest microwave oven?

BLACK DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven is the cheapest microwave oven to buy under 50 dollar budget. But cheap does not means to have all functionality.

Are cheap microwaves safe to use?

Yes! most of them are safe, cheaper microwaves are made for promotional purposes. Their performances are not less than ordinary microwave ovens.

How much does a basic microwave cost?

A basic microwave costs from 100$ to 300$ and it may vary in size function and cooking speed and wattage requirements.

Which is the best microwave?

On the performance and reliability basic the Galanz GLCMKA07RDR-07 is one of the best and most affordable microwaves on the list.

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