Hamilton Beach HB-P10034AP-M4B Microwave

This Hamilton Beach HB-P10034AP-M4B microwave oven features many convenient features to make food preparation quick and easy. With the digital touch-pad controls, you can set temperatures faster and more accurately.

This microwave oven has an easy-to-read LED display so you can see the exact time and temperature you are cooking at. This appliance is perfect for people who want a faster, easier, and safer way to heat up their food.

Hamilton Beach HB-P10034AP-M4B Design:

Hamilton Beach HB-P10034AP-M4B

The Hamilton Beach HB-P10034AP-M4B microwave oven has a Sharp design, with an attractive stainless steel exterior that complements any kitchen. It features convenient cooking controls, easy-to-read touchpad controls, and an LED display. This appliance is energy efficient and can be used to cook both your own food and microwaveable food. It has a cooling fan to quickly cool your food so that you can enjoy it as soon as it is ready.

This 1.3-cubic-foot microwave oven provides the space you need for meal-making and reheating. It’s great for reheating foods, baking, and defrosting. The touchpad controls provide simple operation and a quick display shows time, cook time, and power level to make preparation easy. This stainless steel appliance also features sensor cooking so food is only cooked how you want it. This unit has a one-touch auto defrost setting that works with frozen food.

Dimensions for Hamilton Beach HB-P10034AP-M4B :

Dimension of this Hamilton Beach HB-P10034AP-M4B Microwave oven is 17.7 inches in length, 21.22 inches in width, and the height is 11.80 inches. The total weight of this product is 29.8 lbs, and the power consumption of this microwave is 1000W which is a little high but it is still on the list of medium power consumption microwaves.

Touchpad control allows you to access all your favorite recipes and feature that you might look for, and gives to easy access to all the modern features of this microwave oven. With the help of a child protection lock, you can lock your microwave to protect your family from an unusual accident.

Hamilton Beach HB-P10034AP-M4B

The cooking complete reminder is also available in the Hamilton Beach HB-P10034AP-M4B which reminds you after preparing your food. You will no more need for reheating your delicious food. If you are unable to find your favorite menu of cooking doesn’t worry this microwave has 6 auto cooking menus you can which will help you with prebuilt or programmed menus.

Little Information about Hamilton Beach Manufacturer:

Hamilton Beach was the first industry to produce home electric appliances it was started by L.H. Hamilton and Chester Beach in 1904 and start production in 1910. At the time the electric motors and equipment were used only for commercial purposes. After that electric appliances manufacturing race has begun between countless companies. Now a day’s Hamilton Beach is still one of the famous brands for kitchen appliances. Hamilton Beach started in the US and still manufacturing in Virginia USA.

In 1990 the Hamilton and Proctor Silex joined together and create the US largest home small kitchen appliances. Hamilton Beach is still growing all around the world. Now expanded internationally and producing kitchen appliances for North America, Brazil, India, and China. Hamilton Beach has more than 700 employees globally.


Does HB-P10034AP-M4B consume more watts?

It’s not true because it depends upon the product you buy. If you buy a microwave product that consumes 1000W and another which consumes 700W. So how can you say that the first one consumes more electricity depends upon the production capacity and Watt.

Is it good to buy Hamilton Beach HB-P10034AP-M4B microwave?

Yes, it is but it depends upon your requirement and your kitchen interior design, you should choose a perfect match for your kitchen interior design, and keep in mind your family size, with these tips you will have a great microwave oven. you can also check Hamilton Beach P90D23AL-WR

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