Samsung me16h702sew over the range microwave review

If you are a fan of Samsung Microwave and looking for the best microwave then this is for you.

The Samsung me16h702sew countertop microwave oven is the perfect solution for consumers who want a compact microwave that can fit almost anywhere. At just 16 inches wide, it’s small enough to use in an apartment, dorm room, or office cubicle. The easy-to-use control panel makes this unit simple to operate and once installed, you’ll find yourself reaching for your new Samsung over and over again!

Samsung ME16H702SEW

Samsung’s me16h702sew 1.6 cubic foot countertop microwave oven is the perfect microwave for every kitchen, this microwave is full of function and abilities. The product dimension is: with is 16″, height is 15″ and depth is 29″. The counter depth of this product is 12″ maximum. The total weight of this microwave is 46 lbs. the available color in this microwave is only white.

Samsung ME16H702SEW

This microwave has built venting system with the help of an on/off button you can vent charcoal, grease, and smoke from your microwave. With the help of 2 power levels, this microwave can vent the hot air and smoke with 300 CFM power per second power, this microwave has a pre-built venting system but the hot air and smell will still remain in your kitchen if you want to drain it out of the kitchen then check out Best Venting system for Microwave it will help you a lot to drain smoke and burned food smell out of the kitchen.

Over-the-range microwaves still use power even when they are not in use. The Eco Mode button saves power and turns off the display when it is not being used. It is also more convenient than unplugging your microwave when not being used. With the kitchen’s powerful kitchen timer it became easier to prepare food at the specific time when you need it to be prepared. The turntable of this microwave is 11″ glass made.

Samsung me16h702sew

The new Samsung microwave over-the-range is easier to use. The large LED display makes it easy to see settings and timings for easier cooking. The striking ice-blue color of the digital display is a great accent for any kitchen.

The power consumption of Samsung ME16H702SEW is 1580 W, the circuit Amp is 13.5A and the power rating is 120V/60GHZ. Warranty for parts and labor is available for 1 year. The power consumption of this microwave is a little high you can check the low wattage microwave in another article.

This microwave is a perfect product for your kitchen because this microwave got above 4 stars on amazon due to its stylish look. And a lot of pre-built functions which makes your work easier in the kitchen,


Why choose the Samsung me16h702sew microwave oven?

Samsung me16h702sew is a stylish microwave oven with all the latest features included, just like its style its performance is also really great, with echo system it reduces electric bill and with the quick function it makes your work easier.

 How to use Venting in Samsung me16h702sew microwave oven?

To use the venting system you need to switch on the venting button in the microwave and select the ventilation speed of the microwave from the control option. If you want to vent the hot air out of the kitchen then you should use a proper kitchen ventilation system in your kitchen.

How to clean Samsung me16h702sew microwave oven?

Samsung me16h702sew microwave oven is made of stainless steel and the door is made of glass and the handle is made of aluminum, so it needs a little bit of care to clean you can easily clean it with a dry cloth or use cleaning spry for perfect cleaning and then dry it well.

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