Panasonic NN-SN651B microwave with best inverter and sensor

The Panasonic NN-SN651B Inverter power unit has a smaller, more efficient design that allows it to be used for compact storage. The 1.2 cubic foot capacity with a 13-inch turntable makes this dishwasher-safe model great at accommodating breakfast foods or after-school snacks while still providing ample room in your kitchen cabinets when entertaining guests!

You can also have dinner on hand without having any worries about running out of dishes because you’ll already know how much time is left before they need their next course ready so there’s no need to hurry up during appetizers and dessert phases either since these items won’t take as long anyway thanks again to its 8 pounds lighter weight vs conventional microwave components.

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Panasonic NN-SN651B invertor microwave

Panasonic’s 1.2 cu ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Sensor Cooking offers the perfect combination of power and convenience to make your life easier! With 10 different sensor cooking options, this oven will automatically adjust time and power levels based on the amount of steam coming off the food during cooking.

It also features an easy-to-use control panel that makes it simple to set up favorite menu items in just three steps! Plus, its sleek black exterior looks great in any kitchen.

Panasonic invertor microwave stylish menu

This Panasonic microwave is equipped with inverter technology which delivers even heating throughout every cycle for delicious results every time! You can cook everything from frozen dinners to popcorn without having to guess at how long something should be cooked or worry about burning it because you forgot about it while doing other things around the house.

The NN-SN651B has 1250 watts of power so you can cook all your favorites quickly and easily without sacrificing quality or taste! And when you’re done using it, clean-up is quick and easy thanks to its durable stainless-steel interior lining that wipes down easily after use.

No more scrubbing away baked-on food residue as some microwaves require! Plus, no annoying buttons are cluttering up your countertops here – just one smooth dial lets you choose between ten preprogrammed settings including popcorn, potatoes, vegetables & fish/meat.

large cooking space for Panasonic NN-SN651B

Basic Information about panasonic NN-SN651B:

  • Model Number NN-SN651B
  • Installation Countertop
  • Oven Capacity 1.2cft
  • Cooking Power 1200W
  • Power Supply Inverter
  • Color Black
  • Control Panel Membrane
  • Display Panel 4 Digit
  • Door Window Black
  • Door Release Push Open
  • Oven Interior Paint White
  • Power Level 10 (P1-P10)
  • Quick Minute Yes (up to 10min)
  • Cooking Time 99min 99sec
  • Kitchen Timer Yes (99min 99sec)
  • Standing Time Yes (99min 99sec)
  • Delay Start Yes (99min 99sec)
  • Clock 12H
  • Child Lock Yes
  • Stage Cooking 3 stage
  • Sensor Cook Yes
  • Sensor Reheat Yes
  • Auto Cook / Reheat Yes
  • More / Less Control Yes
  • Inverter Turbo Defrost Yes (0.1-3.0kg)
  • Keep Warm Button Yes (up to 30min)
  • Popcorn Button Yes (1.75/3.0/3.5oz)

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Weight and Dimensions:

The cavity dimension of this Panasonic microwave is 9 15/16″ in height and 14 3/8″. It has a turntable diameter of 340 millimeters, which makes it perfect for most kitchen sizes. The unit’s total weight at 25 pounds includes an eleven-and-a-quarter-inch tall stainless steel housing as well as six inches wide black rubber feet to keep your countertop from getting scratched up by all those sharp edges!

Dimension of Panasonic microwave oven


With a convenient and powerful design, this microwave oven can provide you with all the food preparation needs. It is perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to prepare healthy meals fast! With its 1480W power consumption rate that’s under control thanks to it being able to use Safety Standard UL Power Source requirements as well as cooking at 1200W.


Electrical shock warning for microwave oven

Do not remove the outer panel unless you know what you’re doing. Shut off power at the breaker, then use a heat gun or oven cleaner to soften up any stuck-on grease before peeling away sections of it with pliers.

A qualified service person should always be used for repairs as this will avoid electric shock from touching exposed wires inside an oven that may still have hot surfaces even though there is no longer food showing fire hazard!

Don’t tamper with or make any adjustments to your microwave’s door, control panel frame, safety interlock switches. This will reduce the risk of exposing yourself and others in close proximity (microwave energy)to harmful radiation that may leak out from these areas when they’re not being used for cooking purposes!

Many people store flammable materials in their oven when they’re not using them, but this can be dangerous. When operating an empty oven and there’s no food or water present to absorb its energy waves from microwaves that will bounce around inside causing overheating which could lead to damaging the appliance- so avoid doing so!

And never put anything on top of your stovetop smothered by other objects because these things will burn too easily if ignited next door during cooking time.

Do not dry clothes, newspapers, or other materials in the oven. Use newspaper to cooking with and never leave a burning pan unattended!

Don’t be like the poor sod who broke their control panel when they tried to get into it with all of its buttons.

The paper products you use in your home can have a big impact on how it’s made. For example, if the product says “microwave safe” but does not also indicate that recycled materials were used then this means there is probably some kind of impurity from before when they weren’t recyclable which could potentially cause sparking and other safety hazards for those who handle these items regularly or even just every once-in-awhile while cooking with their microwave ovens!

In which color is Panasonic NN-SN651B available?

The Panasonic NN-SN651B is available in Black, Silver, and White colors. but first, check on amazon that your color is available in stock, or else you can choose another one.

What is the Warranty of this microwave?

This microwave oven is available with 1 year Panasonic labor warranty and a 1 to 5 years parts warranty. the warranty forum is available Click Here.
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