Toshiba 6 in 1 Microwave Air Fryer Combo Convection

The Toshiba 6-in-1 convection microwave oven is another great option for those looking to save space. With its small price tag and well-thought-out features, this cooking device will have you convinced in no time.

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Toshiba kitchen appliances are some of the most affordable, intelligent microwaves with 6 cooking options and high-quality devices on the market, and it has been around for decades with an excellent reputation that continues through today’s society as well for their performance.

Want Stainless Steel microwave?

We also had a good combination of some of the best available and well performance microwaves for you.

The Toshiba 6-in-1 air fryer microwave is a good choice for those who want an all-in-one appliance. See the review below to find out if this product will work well with your cooking needs.

Toshiba 6 in 1 microwave oven reviews: what is reality?

The first thing you must need to figure out is never enter the microwave oven store blindly! Make sure you know what can expect from this appliance before investing your hard-earned cash in it.

It’s also important to consider if the features you need will actually work in your microwave. For example, what about a 6-in-1 oven?

A buyer could benefit from knowing this information before they buy their new appliance.

The Toshiba 6-in1 microwave oven is a great choice for those who want to save space and cook multiple dishes at once. This compact appliance has six different cooking modes so you can use it as an Oven or Grill, with options like Defrost/Bake settings that will melt the cheese on your pizza.

Toshiba ec042a5c-ss Countertop Microwave Oven with convection function

Basic Information:

Brand: Toshiba
Color: Stainless Steel
Material: Stainless Steel
Human Interface: Keypad/ Buttons
Installation Type: Countertop
Capacity: 1.5 Cubic Feet
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 21.5 x 21.77 x 12.99 inches
Item Weight: 44.8 Pounds
Lock Type: Child Lock Available

Toshiba 6 in 1 microwave ec042a5c-ss
buy from amazon

Toshiba ec042a5c-bs microwave oven with convection function plus cons & pros!

The Toshiba ec042a5c-ss countertop microwave oven with convection is the perfect kitchen companion device for anyone who wants to do more cooking options in their kitchens. It’s packed with features that make everyday life easier, more entertaining, and more productive.

You won’t find another device like it on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life.

With powerful 1000 watt and 10 power levels, you can cook anything from appetizers to desserts in no time at all! and the energy-saving eco mode reduces more than 50% of energy consumption.

This beautiful black stainless steel finish will look great in any modern kitchen and its 1.5 cu ft capacity means there’s plenty of room for larger items too! Plus, its humidity sensor ensures food comes out perfectly every single time while its manual function allows you to cook without using pre-programmed settings if desired.

And don’t forget about the convection cooking function which cooks food faster than traditional microwaves by circulating hot air around your meal so everything is cooked evenly throughout.

Convection Cooking options:

This convection microwave oven offers award-winning performance with its convection function, 4 auto bake menus plus 4 roast types of meat. You can reheat foods in the air fryer microwave section or both sections for versatile cooking results that will satisfy your every taste bud.

Toshiba six in one microwave review

The Microwave Oven combined all of your favorite features in one appliance. With a variety of pre-programmed cooking options, you can choose from an automatic bake or roast mode with ease.

Smart Sensor Cooking Features:

The sensor on this appetizing device can distinguish between different types of food and determine the optimal cooking time. It’s pre-programmed with popular menu options like pizza, potatoes, vegetables – so there are no worries about being uncertain how it will cook your meal.

Auto Bake Menu:

Frozen Pizza
Biscuit/Dinner Roll/Bread Stick
Frozen French Fries

Auto Roast Menu:

Whole Chicken
Turkey Breasts

Design and size: does it fit your requirements?

The black stainless steel finish cavity of this air fryer oven is featured with hard-wearing materials, making it scratch and rust-resistant. Just a few wipes to clean out that nasty stuff inside? Yes, please!

The cooking capacity of this convection microwave oven is 1.5 cu ft, which will allow you to cook /re-heat enough food for six people at one time.

The glass turntable diameter of this microwave oven is 13.6 inches, which means that it’s perfect for any dish or even large quantities like casserole dishes.

The External dimensions of this multi-function oven are 21.77″ width, 21.50″ in-depth, 12.99″ in height.

Toshiba microwave convection oven ML2-EC10SA(BS) multifunctions with Healthy 6-in-1 Air Fry

Basic Information:

Brand: Toshiba
Color: Black stainless steel
Material: Metal
Human Interface: Keypad/ Buttons
Installation Type: Countertop
Capacity: 1 Cubic Ft
Item Dimensions: LxWxH 20.5 x 20 x 12.8 inches
Item Weight: 40.8 Pounds
Lock Type: Child Lock Available

Toshiba six in one microwave
buy from amazon

If you own a microwave, it’s time to upgrade! A new air fryer oven-sized model from Toshiba allows for more than one cooking function the best convection ovens.

Cool Design with easy clean Stainless steel interior and multifunction support:

The multi-function Microwave has six different modes: convection oven and grill/combination as well as air fryer or low-temperature healthy cooking – so users can prepare food in just about any way they like with this versatile appliance that fits nicely on your countertop thanks to its compact design.

The stylish design of this microwave oven will make it easy for you to cook like a pro. It features three fixed windows on top which allows users visibility while they are using the machine, and its black stainless steel exterior makes any kitchen look more modern.

Compact size with multi-function capabilities “Amazon choice microwave oven”:

The cooking capacity of this countertop air fryer is 1.0 cu ft, and the dimensions are 20.5 lengths, 20 widths, 12.8 inches in height, the total Weight is 40.8 Pounds. The turntable size is 12.4 inch it means that you can cook a 12-inch pizza in it.

Toshiba 6-in-1 microwave air fryer

This Toshiba Air Fryer is the perfect way to make healthier and delicious food at home with combination cooking. Featuring 1000 watts of power, this appliance will enable you to fry or heat with ease.

Both button and knob operating functions are available in the control panel of this Toshiba oven. The stylish LED display makes it fancier while you wait and observe the timer. If you look at the standalone air fryers in the market this will be the best on the list.

Cooking function of this microwave: get something different features.

It’s important to know that you can use low temp cooking for fermenting yogurt, dehydrating fruit and raising dough. You should also keep food warm with this method of cooking as well.

This microwave oven features 25 popular preset menus that take care of your daily cooking, including 10 air fry meals and 4 low-temperature options.

The new Intuition oven from Toshiba has an Eco Mode that can save you 50%* on standby power and protect our planet at the same time.

Toshiba multifunction microwave oven

This innovative device keeps you safe by resetting your turntable to the initial position every time after use. The innovative LED cavity light will make your meals more appetizing.

With its crystal clear interior view, you can monitor the dishes easily and quickly with minimal power consumption.

Toshiba 6-in-1 microwave reviews: AC028A2CA Multifunctional Microwave / Air Fryer

Basic Information:

Wattage: 1,000 Watts
Capacity: 1.0 Cu. Ft
Auto-Menu: 12 functions
Lock Type: Child safety lock
Power saving mode: Echo
Turntable size: 12.4-inch.
Interior dimensions: 13.07 x 13.7 x 9.5

Toshiba AC028A2CA multifunction 6-in-1 microwave
buy from amazon

The 6 in 1 Combination unit is not just a Microwave but also performs as an air fryer, convection oven, and meal warmer compartment. It has the perfect kitchen companion for any household with its multi-function capabilities making many different cooking functions easy breezy.

The black stainless steel cavity makes cleaning quick & convenient while maintaining its attractive looks on your countertop no more storing of individual appliances is necessary.

The microwave oven senses the moisture in your kitchen and adjusts radiation accordingly to help cook food more evenly.

This microwave is the perfect appliance for fast, powerful and thorough cooking. With 1,000-Watt power, it will heat up your dinner in no time. The 1.0 cu. ft cavity provides plenty of room to cook larger items.

This microwave air fryer is a must-have for any kitchen. With 12 auto-menu functions and an easy-to-read LCD screen, it’s never been easier or more convenient than now.

This microwave has a child safety lock to prevent unusual accidents, and the standby mode will save you energy while it’s on.

Toshiba 6-in-1 size & dimension: for medium and small families.

The product size of this unit is 2.47 in-depth, width -20, height-12 which make it the best and unique compacted sized air fry unit for small and medium-size families.


Microwave included accessories that make your operation easy:

The Toshiba 6-in-1 microwave oven has all the tools you could need to make your food taste better. It includes a glass turntable, grilling pan, and rack for cooking that will turn any dish into an event worth bragging about.

With the size of a 12.4-inch turntable, it is easier to cook a 12-inch pizza within a few minutes just after starting.

Why this Toshiba microwave oven is called 6in1?

Because this is multifunction: Air fryer, convection oven, Grill, Yogurt maker, Dehydrator, and warmer.

Can you put metal in a microwave air fryer?

The simple answer is YES because it is only sparkly when the edges of the steel are sharp.

What is the best combination microwave to buy?

After spending a long time in research, we can say that the Sharp ML2-EC10SA(BS) multifunction is the best combination microwave to buy.

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