Emerson MW8999RD digital microwave oven

If you want to buy an Emerson MW8999RD microwave oven, read the complete article to get complete information about your dream microwave. This Emerson MW8999RD is a medium-size countertop microwave with a 10-inch turntable, this is also called a hard-working powerhouse, designed to deliver the performance you need to get the most from your busy day. Capable of running up to 10 cooking levels for cooking, this

Key Features:
Brand:                    Emerson
Capacity:                0.9 Cubic ft
Weight:                  20 pounds
Wattage:                900 W
Installation Type    over the Range
Voltage                  120 V
Material Type         Stainless Steel
Color                      Red
Dimension             19.2" W x 15.9" H x 11.5" L
Child Lock             Available
Pre-Built Menu      08
Defrosting             Weight & time
Control Pad           touch button
Emerson MW8999RD Microwave Oven

Brief Information about Emerson MW8999RD

This oven features four power levels to choose from, including a defrost setting for frozen foods. The stainless steel exterior is easy to clean and is less likely to absorb stains or splatter grease than glass or plastic, designed with convenient touchpad controls; this microwave has a small interior for fast cooking.

This is 0.9 cubic ft microwave is the perfect choice for medium size family. The front of this microwave is red in color and the back is black in color. Emerson MW8999RD oven consumes 900W of electricity which gives you a powerful cooking experience; you can control its power by 10 power levels, one power level will give you 10% of the power. If you choose a power level from 1 to 7 your digital screen will show a normal cooking indicator, and if you choose from 8 to 10 then it will show a high cooking indicator. This microwave can defrost your frozen food easily by weight and time.

Child lock is also available in this microwave which helps you to keep your family safe from unusual accidents. Eight one-touch cook setting is available for speedy cooking of popcorn, potato, pizza, soup, and fresh or frozen vegetables. Automatic sensor technology gives safety to your cooking, and the digital display includes stylish furnish to your microwave. The internal LED light helps you to observe your meal while you cook it. This microwave can also reheat your meal without losing taste and nutrients.

You can cook your dish by time in the Emerson mw8999rd, the time option can be set from 1 minute to 99 minutes and 99 seconds. You can also cook and defrost your food in a microwave oven in two stages. To stop cooking simply press the “STOP/CLEAR” button press one time to stop and pressing twice will cancel the cooking process.


The total weight of this microwave is 30 pounds. This microwave is 11.5 inches in length, 19.2 inches in width, and 15.9 inches in height.

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Emerson MW8999RD Installation guide

  • Emerson MW8999RD installation requires a flat surface to be placed on.
  • To avoid Emerson microwave from overheating don’t block the venting direction, this may eventually increase microwave temperature and stop it from working.
  • Try to have at least 3inch of distance from top, sides, rare and front of microwave.
  • Don’t place your oven too close to televisions or radios.
  • Try to not place your microwave close to hot air, steam or splashing liquids, this can also cause your microwave break down.

Emerson MW8999RD Power Requirements

  • This Emerson MW8999rd microwave oven requires a 120V, 60Hz, 15A power supply. Check your power source either it fit oven’s requirements.
  • A simple and short power supply cord is available in this packing to reduce the risk.
  • Check the microwave oven for any damage such as, dents, loose, broken or misplaced door or a dent in cavity. If any of these problems are visible don’t install the oven, Notify the purchasing firm immediately and refund it. 

Care your Emerson MW8999RD

  • Before cleaning Emerson MW8999rd always remember to disconnect the AC plug.
  • Always keep your microware clean from inside. If food spatter or spilled liquids to oven walls, wipe with cloth. You can clean it by using detergent if you oven gets very dirty. Harsh detergent or abrasives is not suggested to use for microwave oven.
  • If you want to clean out surface of Emerson MW8999rd you can use mild soap, detergent and water to clean it. Then use soft cloth to dry it. Do not allow water inside the microwave ventilation slot it can damage your oven. If the control panel become dirty clean it with soft cloth, don’t use water or any other liquid.
  • Open your microwave door if it accumulates on the both sides of the door.

Also this is how you remove bagel bites.

Precautions for Emerson mw8999rd

  • Frequently clean roller guide and oven flour to prevent for excessive noises.
  • The roller guide must be used with glass turntable tray.
  • Do not operate the oven without glass turntable tray.
  • Don’t use any other tray instead of its own glass turntable tray.
  • Do not cook directly on the glass turntable tray.

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