Kenmore 73093 digital microwave oven latest review

Do you have a small kitchen with limited counter space, or do you need to heat your leftovers in a hurry? The Kenmore 73093 Microwave is perfect for those on the go. It has 1.1 cu ft of cooking capacity and includes features such as Sensor Cooking and Child Lock. Also, this microwave is available in stainless steel if that’s more your style!

Kenmore 73093 countertop Microwave Oven

Brief Information about Kenmore 73093 Microwave Oven

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Kenmore countertop 73093 Microwave Oven

Here at Appliances Zone, we have the perfect solution for your space needs. The Kenmore 73093 0.9 cu ft stainless steel countertop microwave is a small but powerful device that will be able to heat up yesterday’s leftovers or even make you some food on demand! This sleek and modern-looking appliance has all of those cooking features so you can create custom meals with ease including multi-stage modes which allow users pre-set levels from start through finalizing as well as memory function – just press buttons until it turns off again later tonight after everyone leaves!

The Kenmore 70723 is the perfect mid-range microwave that has all of the features you need without breaking your budget. It’s got an easy-to-use touchpad and plenty of power to cook food quickly and evenly every time.

Are you looking for a new microwave, but you don’t want to spend too much money?

Kenmore 73093 Microwave Power & Wattage Info

Desire: With 700 watts of cooking power, this compact countertop oven can heat your favorite foods in no time at all! It also comes with 6 preset options so it’s easy to cook just about anything from popcorn to pizza rolls. And if you forget what setting was used last, there’s even a quick reminder function that will tell you which one was selected last before automatically turning off after 10 minutes.

Kenmore power convenience 73093

The countertop microwave is an incredible invention that can cook food quickly and easily. It has 10 power settings, with the option to adjust each setting by 30 seconds or 1 minute; this means you’ll never run out of time! The safety lock ensures your child stays safe while cooking dinner in this amazing appliance


With a capacity of 0.7 cubic ft, this compact microwave oven is a great alternative to traditional ranges. It’s perfect for college dorm rooms, small office kitchens, and apartments where space can be tight in your living quarters!

The key to opening this microwave is in the door. What’s more, it swings left when you open for delivery!

Kenmore Auto Cook Features

Kenmore auto cook menu 73093 Microwave Oven

With 6 Auto-Cook preset programs, you can take the guesswork out of heating your favorite foods like pizza and potatoes. You simply choose a time for it to be done in advance then let this machine do all work while you kick back on our couch with some Netflix!

Defrosting feature of kenmore

Kenmore defrost 73093 Microwave Oven

The microwave oven is great for cooking frozen foods, like pizza. The Time/Weight defrost setting lets you cook the food with less hassle and quicker than ever before!

Touchpad & Screen

Kenmore easy touch pad 73093 Microwave Oven

The touchpad display panel of this microwave oven is illuminated with LED lighting and features clock functions.


The removable glass turntable is a great way to ensure that your frozen foods, leftovers, and popcorn are cooked evenly throughout. The 9″ diameter makes it easy for you to monitor the food as well!


This microwave is a spacious 17.7″ wide and 10.2″ tall with an ample 12.5-inch depth, making it easy to store in tight spaces! It also features one of those long power cords you love so much as well – only 2 feet 6 inches long!

Kenmore dimension 73093 Microwave Oven

Child Lock

No more worry about little fingers opening the door of your microwave! Child-proof safety locks assure that only you can press buttons inside.

does it have a turntable?

yes, Kenmore-73093 has a 9-inch turntable.

What is the exterior width of the 73093?

The exterior width of this 73093 is 17.7″ wide and 10.2″ tall with an ample 12.5-inch depth.
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